Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Want to be a Board Member of the British Columbia Cycling Coalition

This Saturday, October 17 at the Vancouver Central Library at 350 West Georgia St by Homer St, the BCCC will be holding its Annual General Meeting. We hope to see you there.

At the AGM, the will be elections for President and Board Member positions.

Have you considered becoming the President or a Board Member? Now is a good time. With the provincial elections now behind us, it is time to turn to serious advocacy. There are many issues to deal with, including funding for infrastructure and for social marketing programs for cycling within the province and its municipalities.

The BCCC needs a President who enjoys dialogue with Provincial Government politicians and Ministries’ staff. If you have the inclination and time, consider putting your name forward. It takes a few hours each week.

For strengthening the advocacy efforts by the President, it would be timely to have an active Vice-President who would look after the operations activities of the organization

The BCCC needs Board members who have time to get involved and to take on projects and activities. If you can give a few hours a month, then it might be time to get involved. The BCCC also needs Board Members farther dispersed than the Lower Mainland and the southern half of Vancouver Island so that the cycling perspective of the province is well represented. The BCCC is looking into ways to have Board Members participate electronically in Board meetings.

If you do not want to be part of the Board but have time and want to take on projects, then the BCCC has need of you. The BCCC is looking for someone to take on an organization implementation project. The Board approved reorganizing and needs someone to develop a strategy to implement it. The BCCC needs someone who enjoys writing media articles and media releases. Projects come up from time to time which needs the help of volunteers to get done.

So, consider getting involved in the organization as President, a member of the Board, or as a volunteer.

Hope to see on the 17th of October at the AGM.


Hans-Jurgen (Jack) E.H. Becker

President - British Columbia Cycling Coalition