Saturday, September 26, 2009

Recent Events

Traffic Count - September 24th 2009

From Wilf Dreher:

"To all the volunteer counters breathing fumes all day Thursday, a big thank you to all for helping with our first annual traffic count, you have all been heroes. It has been a tough job for some of you, but projects like this aren’t possible without hardworking and dedicated volunteers.

We got some really interesting data which will take me a little while to tabulate, analyze and report on. We also learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t, it should be an easier job next time!

If any of you have any more comments on the exercise, what was good/bad, what should we shouldn’t we do next time.. let me know. A big cheer."

Members involved with traffic counts (in no particular order): Dave Hardie, Doug Warren, Ed Schum, Wilf Dreher, Graham Garner. Bruce Johnstone, Kathryn Mackinnon, Randy Castellarin, Richard and Elaine Pringle, Rick and Betty Clough, Susanne Bloxsome, Tony Goodwin and Jim Whitehead.

Huband Park Elementary Safe Cycling Rodeo - September 22nd and 23rd 2009.

From Ed Schum:

"Thanks to all our members who came out to help make this event possible. We had great weather and a good turn out of energetic students and everything went smoothly. The kids had a great time while learning some riding skills and safe behaviour in traffic.

I did not get the final numbers from the school yet, but the number of participants must have been somewhere around 200. I have a number of ideas on how to make these rodeos even better in the future and invite the members who were at Huband School to give me their suggestions for improvements.

Members who gave their time for the Huband Park Elementary Rodeo (in no particular order): Gladys Schmidt, Terry Dekker, Krista Kaptain, Frank Hovenden, Betty Clough, Rick Clough, Tim Rabbitt, Andrea Spitz, Jim Palmer, Karen Weller, Valerie Sherriff, Monique Masson, Keith Reid, Stan Wood, Todd Stoughton, Corinne Innes, Sally Gellard, Bonnie Ervin, Sue Fabrizio and Jerry Feniak.

I also want to mention Brian Schoneberg, who could not make it to the Rodeo but helped by designing and printing several documents and gave me a hand with drawing the layout of the different stations on the parking lot. Also Richard Murphy (District Daily Physical Activity Lead Teacher) and Stu Savard who are working on a daily activity program in the school district. We also had help from several teachers and parents from the school.

Thank you all very much for making this event possible and hope we can do several more of them before next summer."