Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meeting Agenda - Thursday February 19th 2009 - Comox Recreation Centre 7pm


Operate as a Chapter of the BCCC – or – form our own Society?
What do we want to get involved with?

Chip seal issue
Road standards
Road maintenance
Special events
Social events
Reconnaissance rides
Traffic laws
Traffic counts and surveys
Coalition clothing?

If you have any additional ideas, bring them to the meeting.

Forming of work groups/committees
We need more members involved in leadership roles.
Presently elected officers:

President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Media Relations, Webmaster, Social convener.

Additional appointed or elected positions:

Vice president(s)
Work group/committee leaders
Additional social convener(s)

‘BE CAR FREE IN THE COMOX VALLEY’ get-together, Feb. 26
Promote it as much as possible.
Presentation, Information Table-photos-posters-memberships.

Strategy to convince local governments that the majority of citizens are in favour of spending more tax dollars on improvements for cycling and walking instead of on getting more and more cars into our city centers.

Monthly meetings: Continue every third Thursday of month?
Reconnaissance rides: Every Saturday at 1:00 PM
Membership drive.
Open discussion